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Table 2 Substitutions that remain as polymorphisms at transfer number 90 in the bacteriophage Qβ evolved in the presence of AZC

From: Evolution at increased error rate leads to the coexistence of multiple adaptive pathways in an RNA virus

Substitution Gene1 change2 First detected3
U1520C Coat Syn 50
C1604G Coat Syn 60
C2059G Read-through T/S 60
A2277G Read-through K/E 90
C2378G Replicase N/K 90
C2384(G+U) Replicase Syn 60
C2471G Replicase Syn 30
A2982G Replicase T/A 50
C3413(U+G) Replicase Syn 50
C3545A Replicase Syn 70
U3582C Replicase Y/H 50
C3879G Replicase L/V 70
G3945A Replicase G/S 40
U3989C Replicase Syn 30
A4006G Replicase K/R 60
  1. 1Location of each substitution in the genome of the bacteriophage Qβ.
  2. 2Type of change produced by each nucleotide substitution. In the case of non synonymous changes, the amino acid substitution is indicated.
  3. 3Transfer number at which each substitution was first detected as a double band in the chromatogram corresponding to the consensus sequence of that population. The genomic region analyzed comprised from nucleotide 180 to 4180.