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Table 2 Significant likelihood ratio tests for selection on Drosophila and tephritid Sxl and Drosophila ssx

From: Molecular evolution of Drosophila Sex-lethal and related sex determining genes

Test Line Alternative Ma Null Ma L df Pb Sitesc
1 a Nearly Neutral One ratio 189.21 1 < 0.0001 24
2-ssx b Local selection Local relaxation 7.94 1 0.019 18
3-ssx c Local relaxation Uniform Selection 193.70 2 < 0.0001 35
  1. aAlternative and null models, see Additional File 4, Table S2 for more information on models and Log-likelihood values, bP value calculated from a χ2distribution, cnumber of sites significant in Bayesian post-hoc tests (P < 0.05). The alignment, after deleting gaps, was composed of 265 codons.