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Table 2 ANCOVA analyses of the effect of diet manipulation and plasma carotenoid levels on female choice components

From: Mate choice for a male carotenoid-based ornament is linked to female dietary carotenoid intake and accumulation

  Diet Pre-supplementation plasma carotenoid levels
Mate choice component F df p F df p
Responsiveness 9.37 1,24 0.0054 0.081 1,24 0.78
Discrimination 0.24 1,24 0.62 15.71 1,24 0.00058
Preference function 1.44 1,24 0.24 3.44 1,24 0.076
  1. Results of univariate ANCOVAs testing the effects of dietary carotenoid supplementation and pre-supplementation plasma carotenoid levels on the three components of female choice for male plumage coloration.