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Table 1 Model comparisons and position of positively selected sites

From: Evolutionary mechanisms driving the evolution of a large polydnavirus gene family coding for protein tyrosine phosphatases

Cluster LRT Sites selected (site number)
M8/M8a M0b/M0
PQLKY NS P=0.016  
P P=0.05 P<10-3  
Q P=0.038 NS  
DMHSEX NS P<10 -3  
MD NS P<10-3  
S P=0.04 P<10-3  
H NS P<10-3  
EX P<10-3 NS 9 sites
RΔε NS P=0.002  
NS P=0.004  
ε P=0.03 P<10-3 1 site
CαIZ P=0.03 P<10 -3  
NS P=0.048  
Z P=0.002 P=0.03  
  1. *Model comparisons were performed using Likelihood Ratio Test (LRT) between nested models.
  2. Model descriptions: Branch selection models: M0=one class of ω ratio and M0b=tree different ω ratio for the branches. Site selection models (ω ratio varies according to two classes); M8a: beta distribution of ω and ω=1 and M8: beta distribution of ω and ω1 > 1.