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Table 2 Tajima's D, Fu and Li's D* and F* statistics for fester A, B1 and C allele types

From: The fester locus in Botryllus schlosseri experiences selection

Allele type and Location Tajima's D value Fu and Li's D* value Fu and Li's F* value
A-type alleles East Coast −1.31* −1.96* −1.96*
A-type alleles West Coast −1.01 −0.85 −0.95*
B1-type alleles East Coast −0.99 −0.27 −0.52
C-type alleles East Coast −1.26 −1.51 −1.67
  1. Asterisks represent D, D* or F* values with associated p values that are less than 0.05.