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Table 2 Redefined content of the subfamily Gastrophryninae with proposed taxonomic modifications (bold text), original subfamily designations, and larval description citations by taxon

From: Molecular phylogeny of microhylid frogs (Anura: Microhylidae) with emphasis on relationships among New World genera

Old taxonomy New taxonomy Original placement Larval description
Ctenophryne geayi Ctenophryne geayi Gastrophryninae [56]
Ctenophryne minor Ctenophryne minor Gastrophryninae None
Nelsonophryne aequatorialis Ctenophryne aequatorialis Gastrophryninae [54]
Nelsonophryne aterrima Ctenophryne aterrima Gastrophryninae [53]
Melanophryne barbatula Ctenoprhyne barbatula incertae sedis None
Melanophryne carpish Ctenophryne carpish incertae sedis [54]
Syncope antenori Syncope antenori incertae sedis [68]
Syncope carvalhoi Syncope carvalhoi incertae sedis None
Syncope tridactyla Syncope tridactyla incertae sedis None
Chiasmocleis bassleri Syncope bassleri Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis hudsoni Syncope hudsoni Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis jimi Syncope jimi Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis magnova Syncope magnova Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis supercilialbus Syncope supercilialbus Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis alagoanus Chiasmocleis alagoanus Gastrophryninae [62]
Chaismocleis albopunctata Chaismocleis albopunctata Gastrophryninae [71]
Chasimocleis anatipes Chasimocleis anatipes Gastrophryninae [47]
Chiasmocleis atlantica Chiasmocleis atlantica Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis avilapiresae Chiasmocleis avilapiresae Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis capixaba Chiasmocleis capixaba Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis carvalhoi Chiasmocleis carvalhoi Gastrophryninae [72]
Chiasmocleis centralis Chiasmocleis centralis Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis cordeiroi Chiasmocleis cordeiroi Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis crucis Chiasmocleis crucis Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis devriesi Chiasmocleis devriesi Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis gnoma Chiasmocleis gnoma Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis hudsoni Chiasmocleis hudsoni Gastrophryninae [73]
Chiasmocleis leucosticta Chiasmocleis leucosticta Gastrophryninae [74]
Chiasmocleis mantiqueira Chiasmocleis mantiqueira Gastrophryninae [75]
Chiasmocleis mehelyi Chiasmocleis mehelyi Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis sapiranga Chiasmocleis sapiranga Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis schubarti Chiasmocleis schubarti Gastrophryninae None
Chiasmocleis shudikarensis Chiasmocleis shudikarensis Gastrophryninae [76]
Chiasmocleis ventrimaculata Chiasmocleis ventrimaculata Gastrophryninae [56, 76]
Hyophryne histrio Stereocyclops histrio incertae sedis None
Stereocyclops incrassatus Stereocyclops incrassatus incertae sedis [49, 50]
Stereocyclops parkeri Stereocyclops parkeri incertae sedis [50]
Arcovomer passarellii Arcovomer passarellii incertae sedis None
Altigius alios Hamptophryne alios incertae sedis [46]
Hamptophryne boliviana Hamptophryne boliviana Gastrophryninae [47]
Dasypops schirchi Dasypops schirchi Gastrophryninae [59]
Myersiella microps Myersiella microps incertae sedis [60]
Dermatonotus muelleri Dermatonotus muelleri Gastrophryninae [76, 80, 81]
Chiasmocleis panamensis Elachistocleis panamensis Gastrophryninae None
Relictivomer pearsei Elachistocleis pearsei Gastrophryninae [64]
Elachistocleis bicolor Elachistocleis bicolor Gastrophryninae [49]
Elachistocleis bumbameuboi Elachistocleis bumbameuboi Gastrophryninae None
Elachistocleis carvalhoi Elachistocleis carvalhoi Gastrophryninae None
Elachistocleis cesarii Elachistocleis cesarii Gastrophryninae None
Elachistocleis erythrogaster Elachistocleis erythrogaster Gastrophryninae None
Elachistocleis helianneae Elachistocleis helianneae Gastrophryninae None
Elachistocleis magnus Elachistocleis magnus Gastrophryninae None
Elachistocleis matogrosso Elachistocleis matogrosso Gastrophryninae None
Elachistocleis ovalis Elachistocleis ovalis Gastrophryninae [62]
Elachistocleis skotogastor Elachistocleis skotogastor Gastrophryninae None
Elachistocleis surinamensis Elachistocleis surinamensis Gastrophryninae [65]
Elachistocleis surumu Elachistocleis surumu Gastrophryninae None
Gastrophryne carolinensis Gastrophryne carolinensis Gastrophryninae [82, 83]
Gastrophryne elegans Gastrophryne elegans Gastrophryninae [84]
Gastrophryne olivacea Gastrophryne olivacea Gastrophryninae [83]
Gastorphryne mazatlanensis Gastorphryne mazatlanensis Gastrophryninae None
Hypopachus barberi Hypopachus barberi Gastrophryninae [85, 86]
Hypopachus pictiventris Hypopachus pictiventris Gastrophryninae [53]
Hypopachus ustum Hypopachus ustum Gastrophryninae [84]
Hypopachus variolosus Hypopachus variolosus Gastrophryninae [83, 87]
  1. Proposed taxonomic modifications are indicated by bold text.