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Table 3 Correlation of difference in log-likelihood values with number of sequences per MSA

From: The origins of the evolutionary signal used to predict protein-protein interactions

  SCC P-value
SP50L_20p_POS 0.343 0.007
UP50L_20p_POS 0.584 0.000001
UP70L_20p_POS 0.697 5.96E-10
SP50L_20p_NEG 0.393 0.00001
UP50L_20p_NEG 0.665 1.51E-16
UP70L_20p_NEG 0.504 5.04E-09
  1. The abbreviations used are: SCC – spearman correlation coefficient, POS - Dataset of interacting proteins, NEG – Dataset of non-interacting proteins, 20p – The version of the dataset containing a maximum of 20% gapped columns.