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Table 1 Percent identity and permutation test scores between the full-length Homo sapiens cA-SR amino acid sequences

From: The evolution of the class A scavenger receptors

SRAI   25.0% 13.5% 14.7% 32.3%
MARCO 5.37e-18   12.9% 21.8% 25.0%
SCARA3 4.26e-13 1.04e-12   26.6% 18.5%
SCARA4 3.66e-17 1.34e-16 7.23e-54   15.7%
SCARA5 4.88e-52 1.06e-26 8.70e-15 5.34e-25  
  1. The percent identity (top right) between each cA-SR was calculated using EBI’s EMBOSS Needle global alignment algorithm to quantify the amount of sequence similarity shared amongst these receptors. Additionally, permutation tests were measured using the PRSS algorithm part of the FASTA package. The probabilities displayed here (bottom left) are the probability that these receptors share sequence similarity with each other by chance.