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Table 1 Rodent malaria species and subspecies selected for analysis

From: Molecular evolution and phylogenetics of rodent malaria parasites

species subspecies no. genotypes country of origin
P. berghei - 8 DRC
P. chabaudi adami 2 Congo
  chabaudi 14 CAR
  subsp. 2 Cameroon
P. vinckei brucechwatti 2 Nigeria
  lentum 3 Congo
  petteri 3 CAR
  vinckei 2 DRC
  subsp. 5 Cameroon
P. yoelii killicki 2 Congo
  nigeriensis 2 Nigeria
  yoelii 10 CAR
  subsp. 3 Cameroon
  1. The number of genotypes we used from each species/subspecies and their country of origin is shown (see Additional file 1 for a more detailed description of the origin of each genotype). P. c. subsp., P. v. subsp. and P. y. subsp. refer to previously recognized, but as yet unnamed subspecies. CAR – Central African Republic, DRC – Democratic Republic of the Congo.