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Table 1 EMBL Accession numbers of genes from aphid species analysed in this study a

From: Evolutionary study of duplications of the miRNA machinery in aphids associated with striking rate acceleration and changes in expression profiles

  Speciesb ago-1a ago-1b dcr-1/dcr-1a c dcr-1b
Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 1 Region 2 Region 3
Macrosiphini Acyrthosiphon pisum HE585884 HE585889 HE585923 HE585940 HE585898 HE585904 HE585918 HE585919 HE585950 HE585952 HE585973 HE585961 HE585966
Acyrthosiphon kondoi HE585892 HE585893 HE585926 HE585935 HE585905 HE585912 HE585953 HE585979 HE585980 HE585963
Acyrthosiphon svalbardicum HE585896 HE585927 HE585934 HE585906e HE585913 HE585947 HE585968 HE585962
Sitobion avenae HE585902 HE585929 HE585930 HE585942 HE585943 HE585883 HE585914 HE585945 HE585978  
Aulacorthum solani HE585894 HE585895 HE585928 HE585941 HE585907e HE585920 HE585944 HE585948 HE585976 HE585977  
Myzus persicae HE585886 HE585931 HE585946 HE585897 HE585921   HE585969 HE585970  
Aphidini Aphis gossypii HE585882 HE585910 HE585911 GW549708d   HE585981 HE585982e HE585955 HE585959  
Rhopalosiphum padi HE585880 HE585881 HE585908 HE585909 HE585932 HE585933    HE585956 HE585957 HE585958  
  1. aEMBL accession numbers are given for each copy and region of ago-1 and for each copy of dcr-1. Two numbers are given for those species where two alleles were obtained. A blank in a cell means that the sequence for that gene/region in that particular species was not obtained. bAphid species were classified following Remaudière and Remaudière (1997). cThe gene was named dcr-1a in the Acyrthosiphon species, where a dcr-1b sequence was found, and dcr-1 in the rest of species, where a second copy was not found. dSequence from an Aphis gossypii cDNA library (Webb, B.A. and Shelby, K.S., unpublished data). eSequences for which the complete targeted region could not be obtained.