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Table 1 Mycetozoan and representative amoebozoan isolates

From: Polyphyletic origin of the genus Physarum(Physarales, Myxomycetes) revealed by nuclear rDNA mini-chromosome analysis and group I intron synapomorphy

Species Isolate(a) SSU(b) Accession no(c)
Myxomycetes (plasmodial slime molds)
Physarales (Order)
Didymium iridis Pan2 + AJ938153
Physarum polycephalum Wis1 + X13160
Stemonitales (Order)
Comatricha nigricapillitia AMFD114 + AY643824
Stemonites flavogenita ATCC24714 + HE655085
Trichiales (Order)
Arcyria stipata AMFD257 + EF513170
Trichia persimilis -- + AY643826
Liceales (Order)
Cribraria cancellata AMFD94 + EF513177
Echinosteliales (Order)
Echinostelium minutum ATCC22345 + HE655087
Soliformovum irregulare ATCC26826 + HE655088
Dictyostelids (cellular slime molds)
Acytostelium ellipticum ATCC22247 + HE655086
Acytostelium leptosomum FG12 + AM168111
Acytostelium subglobosum LB1 + AM168110
Dictyostelium discoideum -- + K02641
Dictyostelium fasciculatum SH3 + AM168087
Dictyostelium medusoides OH592 + AM168088
Dictyostelium rhizopodium AusKY-4 + AM168063
Acrasis rosea T-235 + AF011458
Amoeba leningradensis CCAP1503/6 + AJ314605
Acanthamoeba palestinensis CCAP1547/1 + L09599
Entamoeba histolytica HM1-IMSS + X65163
Filamoeba nolandi ATCC50430 + AF293896
Gephyramoeba sp. ATCC50654 + AF293897
Hartmannella abertawensis Page180 + DQ190241
Mastigella commutans -- + AF421219
Naegleria gruberi NEG-M + AB298288
Platyamoeba placida -- + AY294150
  1. (a) Source of the organism (see Additional file 8: Table S4).
  2. (b) SSU rDNA sequence.
  3. (c) GenBank/EMBL/DDJB accession numbers.
  4. (d) Species are grouped into phyla of Protist.
  5. --, no isolate name given; +, analysed.