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Table 3 Viral-specific FSFs and their molecular functions 1

From: Giant viruses coexisted with the cellular ancestors and represent a distinct supergroup along with superkingdoms Archaea, Bacteria and Eukarya

No. SCOP ID FSFccs Description Function(s)
1 89428 b.126.1 Adsorption protein P2 Attachment of phage to host conjugative DNA complex
2 49894 b.28.1 Baculovirus p35 protein Anti-apoptotic in infected insect cells by inhibiting caspases
3 49835 b.21.1 Virus attachment protein globular domain Binding selectively to cell surface receptors
4 49749 b.121.2 Group II dsDNA viruses VP Includes major capsid protein family
5 47724 a.54.1 Domain of early E2A DNA binding protein ADDBP C-terminal domain of the viral DNA binding protein
6 57917 g.51.1 Zn binding domain of ADDBP Binds to DNA and RNA & required for replication and transcription control.
  1. 1Abbreviations: ID, identifier; ccs, concise classification string.