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Table 1 Information of samples

From: Genome-wide DNA methylation analyses in the brain reveal four differentially methylated regions between humans and non-human primates

Sample ID Species Sex Age (years) Cortex Region
H1a,d Human Male 40 PFCc
H2a Human Male 28 PFCc
H3a Human Male 59 PFCc
H4b Human Female 35 PFCc
H5b Human Male 7.5 PFCc
M1a,d Rhesus macaque Male 13 PFCc
M2a Rhesus macaque Male 9 PFCc
M3a Rhesus macaque Male 19 PFCc
M4b Rhesus macaque Male 16 PFCc
M5b Rhesus macaque Male 1-2 PFCc
M6b Rhesus macaque Male 11 PFCc
M7b Rhesus macaque Female 13 PFCc
Chimpanzee1d Chimpanzee Male 1.5 PFCc
Chimpanzee2d Chimpanzee Male 1.5 PFCc
Rat1d Rat Female 2 months PFCc
Rat2d Rat Male 2 months PFCc
  1. athe 6 samples for MeDIP-Chip and MassARRAY analyses.
  2. badditional independent samples used for further validation.
  3. cprefrontal cortex.
  4. dthe samples used for multiple species comparison using bisulfite clone sequencing.