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Table 1 Collection and sample size data for B. dorsalis s.l. in this study

From: Population structure of Bactrocera dorsalis s.s., B. papayae and B. philippinensis (Diptera: Tephritidae) in southeast Asia: evidence for a single species hypothesis using mitochondrial DNA and wing-shape data

Sample site Taxonomic species Latitude Longitude Sample size (genetics/shape) Number of COI haplotypes
Taipei, China (Taiwan) B. dorsalis s.s. 25°00'53"N 121°32'18"E 19/201 16
San Pa Tong, Thailand B. dorsalis s.s. 18°37'37''N 98°53'42''E 19/200 16
Bangkok, Thailand B. dorsalis s.s. 13°50'32"N 100°34'23"E 19/201 18
Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand B. dorsalis s.s. 8°25'12''N 99°53'48''E 12/202 10
Penang, Malaysia B. papayae 5°28'33''N 100°17'51''E 20/202 17
Serdang, Malaysia B. papayae 3°00'20''N 101°42'00''E 22/204 11
Lampung, Indonesia B. papayae 5°40'43''S 105°36'38''E 15/140 5
Quezon City, Philippines B. philippinensis 14°38'00''N 121°01'00''E 17/205 2
Imus, Philippines B. philippinensis 14°07'18"N 120°58'00"E 13/152 5
  1. Geographical location of sample sites for Bactrocera dorsalis complex flies used in this study, number of individuals from each sample site used for genetic and geometric morphometric shape analysis, and number of COI haplotypes identified for each sample site. Superscript values for sample sizes used in geometric morphometric shape analysis are the number of left-hand wings used.