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Table 1 Results of Pagel’s correlation analysis

From: A multi-gene phylogeny of Cephalopoda supports convergent morphological evolution in association with multiple habitat shifts in the marine environment

Character correlation tested Independent model (LnL) Dependent model (LnL) Model LnL difference P(Xdf=42)
Habitat x ANG −37.312 −31.123 −6.190 0.0147
Habitat x Cornea −37.497 −33.551 −4.253 0.0747
Habitat x Autogenic-photophore −90.043 −79.445 10.598 0.0003
Habitat x Bacteriogenic-photophore −51.143 −47.450 3.693 0.1169
Habitat x Branchial canal −38.952 −38.915 −0.075 0.9973
Habitat x Right oviduct −37.813 −34.861 −2.952 0.2062
  1. Correlations between character transitions were evaluated against 1000 bootstrap ML topologies to correct for phylogenetic bias. To carry out correlations in BayesTraits, all characters were coded as binary (e.g., presence/absence). Median likelihood scores under each model are shown, although likelihood differences were evaluated by pairwise comparison for each bootstrap tree.