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Table 5 Amino acid and nucleotide distances of ESPs and TFPs

From: Evolution of specifier proteins in glucosinolate-containing plants

   d aa(%)  d na(%)
ESPs lineage I 0.278-0.312 0.213-0.248
ESPs expanded lineage II 0.111-0.294 0.155-0.275
ESPs lineage I - ESPs expanded lineage II 0.123-0.414 0.120-0.319
TFP lineage I - ESPs lineage I 0.479-0.605 0.345-0.408
TFPs expanded lineage II - ESPs expanded lineage II 0.299-0.366 0.232-0.445
TFP lineage I - TFPs expanded lineage II 0.681-0.701 0.531-0.545
  1. Amino acid distances (daa) and nucleotide distances (dna) are given as determined by MEGA Vers. 5.05 using the Equal-input + G model (daa) and the Kimura-2-Parameter model + G + I (dna). Distances between sequences from the same genus are not included. Brassicaceae lineages are according to [33].