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Table 1 Strains of D. melanogaster and D. simulans used in this study

From: Ancestral polymorphism and recent invasion of transposable elements in Drosophilaspecies

Species Classification with regard to the origin Geographic Origin Collector/Stock GenBank Accessions
     Bari-1 412
D. melanogaster Ancestral Madagascar – Africa David, J JX140191-JX140203 JX140342-JX140346
   Congo – Africa 14021-0231.24 JX140204-JX140220 JX140347-JX140352
  Ancient Invader Draveil – France David, J JX140221-JX140237 JX140353-JX140361
   Delhi – Asia David, J JX140238-JX140256 JX140362-JX140368
  Recent Invader Florianopolis – Brazil Granzotto, A JX140257-JX140275 JX140369-JX140375
D. simulans Ancestral Madagascar – Africa David, J JX140276-JX140288 JX140376-JX140389
   Zimbabwe – Africa Begun, D JX140289-JX140299 JX140390-JX140399
  Ancient Invader Draveil – France Capy, P JX140300-JX140307 JX140400-JX140411
   Gorak – New Guinea 14021-0251.009 JX140308-JX140318 JX140412-JX140420
  Recent Invader Florianopolis – Brazil Granzotto, A JX140319-JX140332 JX140421-JX140435
   Pernambuco – Brazil Rohde, C JX140333-JX140341 JX140436-JX140445
  1. Classification with the regard to geographic origin of the strains, name of the collectors or stock numbers and GenBank sequence accession numbers.