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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Molecular adaptation of a plant-bacterium outer membrane protease towards plague virulence factor Pla

Bacterial strain or plasmid construct Description Reference
Escherichia coli XL1 Blue MRF' Δ(mcrA) 183 Δ(mcrCB-hsdSMR-mrr) 173 endA1 supe44 thi-1 recA1 gyrA96 relA1 lac [F' proAB lacIqZΔ M15 Tn 10 (tet)] Stratagene
pSE380 Expression vector, trc promoter, lacO operator, lacI, bla Invitrogen
pMRK1 pla in pSE380 [19]
pMRK4 epo in pSE380 [16]
pMRK105 Pla with 5 aa from Epo: 161KGVRVNQRPG This study
pMRK405 Epo with 5 aa from Pla: 159NQRPGKGVRV This study
pMRK110 Pla with 10 aa from Epo: 161KGVRV→NQRPG, 262KNTI, 268VSIGASLD This study
pMRK410 Epo with 10 aa from Pla: 159NQRPG→KGVRV, 260TIKN, 266ASLDVSIG This study
pMRK117 Pla with 17 aa from Epo: 35ETGSNA, 88MNEQNS, 155YTSV, 161KGVRV→NQRPG, 262KN→TI, 268VSIG→ASLD This study
pMRK417 Epo with 17 aa from Pla: 33SNAETG, 86QNSMNE, 153SVYT, 159NQRPG→KGVRV, 260TI→KN, 266ASLD→VSIG This study
pMRK431 Epo with 31 aa from Pla: 33SNA→ETG, 86QNS→MNE, 153SV→YT, 159NQRPG→KGVRV, 260TI→KN, 266ASLD→VSIG, 26KELVHEML, 101GTDVNYATNVNH, I257T, H79N, D92E, S210D, S167N, D219G, E249D, G22S This study
pMRK431β1 Epo with 42 aa from Pla + the signal sequence: N-terminus from Pla until aa 45; the rest similar to pMRK431 This study
pMRK4β1L1 Epo with the N-terminus from Pla until aa 45 This study
pMRK410β1L1 pMRK410 with the N-terminus from Pla until aa 45 This study
pMRK417β1L1 pMRK417 with the N-terminus from Pla until aa 45 This study
pMRK431β2 pMRK431 with β2 from Pla This study
pMRK431β4 pMRK431 with β4 from Pla This study
pMRK431β5 pMRK431 with β5 from Pla This study
pMRK431β8+9 pMRK431 with β8 & β9 from Pla This study
pMRK431β10 pMRK431 with β10 from Pla This study
  1. Bold text indicates the novel substitutions compared to previous hybrid. aa, amino acid