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Table 1 Sampling of Arabidopsis arenosa and A. lyrata included in this study.

From: Interspecific and interploidal gene flow in Central European Arabidopsis (Brassicaceae)

Taxon Ploidal level Population1 Locality2 # FC3
arenosa 2x a2_SVK1 SVK: Vysoké Tatry; Prešovský kraj; Belianske Tatry; Zadné Med'odoly Valley; Kopské Sedlo (131) 5
   a2_SVK2 SVK: Nízke Tatry Mts.; Pusté Pole (915140) 30
   a2_SVK3 SVK: Vel'ká Fatra Mts.; Harmanec; Malý Šturec Sedlo (915141) 33
  4x a4_GER GER: Southern Germany; Swabian Alps; Wental; Felsenmeer (123) -
  4 a4_AUT1 AUT: Lower Austria; Eastern Alps; SSW St. Aegyd am Neuwalde; Kernhof; rocky batter next to street opposite depot (81-915142) 26
   a4_AUT2 AUT: Lower Austria; Waldviertel; Wachau; NNE Weißenkirchen; Achleiten (3) 12
   a4_AUT3 AUT: Lower Austria; Kamp Valley; S Stiefern; parking site with view on railway bridge (89) -
   a4_AUT4 AUT: Lower Austria; Waldviertel; Wachau; forest road from Scheibenbach towards Pfaffental (20) 4
lyrata 2x l2_GER GER: Bavaria; Veldenstein Forest; street from Velden to Pfaffenhofen (112) 17
  5 l2_CZE CZE: SW Brno; NW Ivanice; between Nova Ves and Oslavany; slope above Oslava River (96) 9
   l2_AUT1 AUT: Lower Austria; street from Pernitz to Pottenstein (88-915143) 43
   l2_AUT2 AUT: Lower Austria; S Vienna; Bad Vöslau; rocks near Vöslauer Hütte (74-915145) 28
  4x l4_AUT1 AUT: Lower Austria; Waldviertel; Wachau; E Dürnstein; small hill N Franzosendenkmal (13) 24
   l4_AUT2 AUT: Lower Austria; S Vienna; Mödling; Castle ruin Mödling (66-915144) 21
   l4_AUT3 AUT: Lower Austria; Dunkelstein Forest; Wachau; N Bacharnsdorf (50) 21
   l4_AUT4 AUT: Lower Austria; Schrambach between Freiland and Lilienfeld (116) 1
  1. 1Two individuals from each population were sequenced.
  2. 2Country names are abbreviated as follows: AUT - Austria, CZE - Czech Republic, GER - Germany, and SVK - Slovakia. Brackets following localities give original collection number given in Schmickl and Koch [45].
  3. 3# FC gives the number of individuals analysed with flow cytometry. The populations a4_GER and a4_AUT3 were not included in the flow cytometry analysis, but multi-allelic microsatellite loci suggest they are tetraploid (Schmickl and Koch, unpublished).
  4. 4a4_AUT1 contained a single diploid individual, the others were tetraploid.
  5. 5l2_CZE contained a single triploid individual, the others were diploid.