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Table 2 The GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ accession numbers of gibbon L and M opsin genes

From: Gene conversion and purifying selection shape nucleotide variation in gibbon L/M opsin genes

Species name ID Accession number
Hylobates agilis   
L 1_Hag_M_L AB670154
M 1_Hag_M_M AB670155
eta 1_Hag_E_1 AB670164
S 1_Hag_S_1 AB670169
H. lar   
L 132_Hla_M_L AB670156
M 132_Hla_M_M AB670157
eta 55_Hla_E_1 AB670165
S 23_Hla_S_1 AB670170
H. pileatus   
L 29_Hpi_M_L AB670158
M 29_Hpi_M_M AB670159
eta 30_Hpi_E_1 AB670166
S 28_Hpi_S_1 AB670171
Nomascus leucogenys   
L 107_Nle_M_L AB670160
M 107_Nle_M_M AB670161
eta 115_Nle_E_1 AB670167
S 111_Nle_S_1 AB670172
Symphalangus syndactylus   
L 6_Ssy_M_L AB670162
M 6_Ssy_M_M AB670163
eta 4_Ssy_E_1 AB670168
S 3_Ssy_S_1 AB670173