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Table 1 Sampled populations of Oreina speciosissima

From: Does a shift in host plants trigger speciation in the Alpine leaf beetle Oreina speciosissima(Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)?

Code Population Altitude Coordinates Morphotype Habitat Year
KAN Kandersteg 1314 m 46°28'21"N, 07°39'23"E speciosissima hf 2004
TSC Tschiertschen 1325 m 46°48'55"N, 09°36'31"E speciosissima hf 2004
CDM Col des Mosses 1716 m 46°23'26"N, 07°07'30"E speciosissima hf 2005
TAN Lac Taney 1389 m 46°20'38"N, 06°50'01"E speciosissima hf 2008
GRA Le Grammont 1974 m 46°21'15"N, 06°49'04"E intermediate sr 2008
NUF Nufenenpass 2172 m 46°28'41"N, 08°22'36"E intermediate hf 2008
GSB Grand St. Bernard 2410 m 45°52'04"N, 07°10'27"E intermediate hf 2008
BET Bettmerhorn 2628 m 46°24'44"N, 08°04'33"E troglodytes sr 2008
UMB Umbrailpass 2647 m 46°32'53"N, 10°25'43"E intermediate sr 2008
BER Berninapass 2315 m 46°24'37"N, 10°01'36"E troglodytes sr 2008
ALB Albulapass 2324 m 46°34'46"N, 09°50'15"E troglodytes sr 2008
MUM Muottas Muragl 2735 m 46°30'27"N, 09°56'29"E troglodytes sr 2008
JUL Julierpass 2373 m 46°28'02"N, 09°43'35"E troglodytes sr 2008
  1. Sample locations with altitude (meters above sea level), coordinates (WGS 84) and year of collection with their codes, morphotype and habitat (hf: high forbs; sr: stone run).