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Table 1 Plant materials

From: Evolution of the apomixis transmitting chromosome in Pennisetum

Species Primary ID Secondary ID Reported Chromosome No. Ploidy Reported MOR
C. ciliaris PS185 'LLANO' 36 4x A
C. ciliaris PS186 'NUECES' 36 4x A
C. setigerus PS16 PI266185 36 4x A
P. alopecuroides PS938 9064-3 18 2x S
P. basedowii PS2 PI257782 54 6x S
P. flaccidum PS32 PI271601 18,36,45 2x,4x,5x S,A
P. flaccidum PS95 TIMOTHY C79I3 18,36,45 2x,4x,5x S,A
P. glaucum 23BE - 14 2x S
P. hohenackeri PS156 ICRISAT 18 2x S
P. massaicum PS680 IBPCR 36 4x A
P. massaicum PS953 WIPFF 87A11508 36 4x A
P. mezianum PS9 PI365021 16, 32 2x,4x S,A
P. nervosum PS187 #7-82 36,72 4x,8x S
P. nervosum PS38 PI316421 36,72 4x,8x S
P. orientale PS12 PI315867 18,27,36,45,54 2x-6x S,A
P. orientale PS13 PI218097 18,27,36,45,54 2x-6x S,A
P. pedicillatum PS304 HARLAN 682 36,54 4x,6x A
P. polystachion PS19 PI189347 36,54,63 4x,6x,7x A
P. purpureum N109 - 28 4x S
P. purpureum N168 - 28 4x S
P. ramosum PS29 PI331699 10 2x S
P. ramosum PS63 DEWET1641 10 2x S
P. schweinfurthii PS243 PI489685 14 2x S
P. setaceum PS22 PI300087 27,54 3x,6x A
P. setaceum PS25 PI364994 27,54 3x,6x A
P. squamulatum PS158 ICRISAT 54 6x A
P. squamulatum PS24 PI248534 54 6x A
P. subangustum PS163 IBADAN#2 36,54 4x,6x A
P. villosum PS249 TEL AVIV 18,27,36,45,54 2x-6x S,A
Setaria viridis GI:758770 - 18 2x S
  1. List of Cenchrus and Pennisetum species with corresponding identifiers, mode of reproduction and chromosome data. Reported chromosome numbers are from Jauhar [57], Dujardin and Hanna [57] and the Kew C-value database ( MOR = Mode of Reproduction; A = apomictic; S = sexual.