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Table 3 Accession numbers of symbiont DNA sequences determined in the present study or retrieved from databases

From: Loss of genes for DNA recombination and repair in the reductive genome evolution of thioautotrophic symbionts of Calyptogena clams

Host clam (Abbreviation of symbiont) recAamplicon# mutYamplicon$ 16S rDNA 23S rDNA
Bathymodiolus septemdierum (Bsep S) n.d. n.d. AB598130 AB598131
Calyptogena phaseoliformis (Cpha S) AB586104 AB586113 AB479082* AB598132
C. fossajaponica (Cfos S) AB586105 AB586114 AB044744* AB598133
C. stearnsii (Cste S) AB642236 AB642237 AB642238 AB642239
C. nautilei (Cnau S) AB586106 AB586115 AB479080* AB598134
C. pacifica (Cpac S) AB586107 AB586116 AF03572* AB598135
C. fausta (Cfau S) AB586108 AB586117 AB47908* AB598137
C. kawamurai (Ckaw S) AB586109 AB586118 AB479076* AB598138
C. laubieri (Clau S) AB586110 AB586119 AB073121* AB598139
C. okutanii (Vok) AP009247* AP009247* AP009247* AP009247*
C. kilmeri (Ckil S) AB586111 AB586120 AF035720* AB598136
C. soyoae (Csoy S) AB586112 AB586121 AB479077* AB598140
C. magnifica (Rma) CP000488* CP000488* CP000488* CP000488*
  1. #Gene region amplified with primers recA_F and recA_R.
  2. $Gene region amplified with primers mutY_F and mutY_R.
  3. n.d., Not determined in the present study.
  4. *Not determined in the present study but retrieved from a database.