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Table 1 Calyptogena clams used in the present study

From: Loss of genes for DNA recombination and repair in the reductive genome evolution of thioautotrophic symbionts of Calyptogena clams

Host clam Date of collection Dive # Depth (m) Latitude Longitude Collection site
Calyptogena phaseoliformis 2006.6.3 6K#953 6264 40.10N 144.19E Japan Trench
Calyptogena fossajaponica 2006.6.2 6K#952 6182 40.10N 144.17E Japan Trench
Calyptogena stearnsii 1996.3.29 ROV Biv-0099-0103 659-683.5 36.77N 122.04W Monterey Bay
Calyptogena nautilei 2005.6.18 6K#884 3306 32.58N 134.69E Okinawa-Nankai Trough
Calyptogena pacifica 1996.3.29 ROV Biv-0105-0112 659-683.5 36.77N 122.04W Monterey Bay
Calyptogena fausta 1996.6.10 2K#869 1490 34.91N 138.66E Suruga Bay
Calyptogena kawamurai 2005.6.13 6K#881 608 34.08N 137.79E Okinawa-Nankai Trough
Calyptogena laubieri 1997.8.23 10K#45 3761 33.65N 137.91E Okinawa-Nankai Trough
Calyptogena okutanii From database*      
Calyptogena kilmeri 1996.3.25 ROV Biv-0116-0121 900 36.73N 122.00W Monterey Bay
Calyptogena soyoae 2000.7.1 HPD#13 1178 35.00N 139.23E Sagami Bay off Hatsushima
Calyptogena magnifica From database**      
  1. HPD, Hyper Dolphin; 2K, Shinkai 2000; 6K, Shinkai 6500; ROV, remote operated vehicle; 10K, ROV Kaiko.
  2. *Accession number AP009247.
  3. **Accession number CP000488.