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Table 1 References of SRY promoter sequences previously available and obtained in this work

From: Y-chromosome phylogeny in the evolutionary net of chamois (genus Rupicapra)

Species GenBank Accession No Reference
Bos taurus EU581861.1 [74]
Ovis aries EU938044.1 [35]
Ovis aries musimon EU938022.1 [35]
Ovis ammon EU938024.1 [35]
Ovis canadensis EU938032.1 [35]
Ovis vignei EU938028.1 [35]
Capra hircus 1 EU581862.1 [74]
Capra hircus 2 D82963.1 [75]
Ammotragus lervia 1 EU938019.1 [35]
Ammotragus lervia 2 JN547784 Present study
Rupicapra pyrenaica JN547785 Present study
Rupicapra rupicapra JN547786 Present study