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Table 3 Effects of evolutionary age and spatial distance on range and body size

From: Speciation in little: the role of range and body size in the diversification of Malagasy mantellid frogs

  Multiple R2 SS Model MS Model SS Residual MS Residual F p
SVL tip contrast 0.621 4743.239 677.606 2900.391 67.451 10.046 <0.0001
RSA tip contrast 0.633 2632.051 376.007 1527.497 35.524 10.585 <0.0001
RSB tip contrast 0.636 2659.325 379.903 1523.884 35.439 10.719 <0.0001
  1. Results of factorial regressions through the origin to determine the effect of evolutionary age, of geographic distance and bioclimatic distance, and their interaction terms on body size and range size contrasts using large (RSA) and small (RSB) buffer zones for one- or two locality species in mantellid sister species pairs.