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Table 1 Influence of body size on range size in pairs of mantellid sister species

From: Speciation in little: the role of range and body size in the diversification of Malagasy mantellid frogs

  Multiple R2 SS Model MS Model SS Residual MS Residual F p
RSA tip contrast 0.265 1102.316 1102.316 3059.713 57.730 19.094 0.000058
RSB tip contrast 0.269 1128.238 1128.238 3057.452 57.6877 19.558 0.000049
  1. Univariate regression through the origin results to determine the effect of standardized tip contrasts in SVL on range size estimators using large (RSA) and small (RSB) buffer zones for one- or two locality species for mantellid sister species pairs. Significant p-values in bold.