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Table 3 Summary of possible recombination events in or near the centromere

From: Evidence for a high mutation rate at rapidly evolving yeast centromeres

Locus Rmin No. of Sites Distance from centromere (bp)
CEN1 2 2 0 (within CDEII)
CEN2 4 7 < 10, 10-13, 229-281, 281-353
CEN11 2 5 < 51, 157-281
CEN14 1 3 14-1208
  1. The recombination events listed here show statistically significant evidence (P < 0.05) for recombination using 1 or more test implemented in LDhat, as well as with the 4-gamete test followed by simulation to test the likelihood of multiple mutations. Rmin is the minimum number of recombination events estimated at each locus [22], and No. of Sites is the number of sites showing evidence for recombination.