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Table 1 Levels of polymorphism and divergence in S. paradoxus are lower for transposable elements than for CDEII

From: Evidence for a high mutation rate at rapidly evolving yeast centromeres

  CDEII loci Median π or d 95% C.I. TE loci Median π or d 95% C.I. CDEII:TE
Europe π 15 0.0066 0.0021-0.013 396 0.0017 0.0013-0.002 3.9
Europe- Far East d 15 0.084 0.059-0.10 339 0.028 0.026-0.030 3
Europe-American d 13 0.22 0.2-0.27 196 0.084 0.078-0.092 2.6
  1. Table showing nucleotide diversity (π) within the European population or pairwise distance (d) between populations. 95% confidence intervals (C.I.) of each median are based on 10,000 bootstrap replicates. DNA sequence data are those published in Liti et al [14] and only 13-15 loci were available for S. paradoxus because PALAS alignment data were missing for all strains of S. paradoxus for CEN8 and because of low coverage of the American strains for CEN7, CEN8 and CEN12.