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Table 1 ANOVA results showing the effect of marker type (fixed), zone (random), and date (random) on peak swarm size and on total couples/swarm

From: Spatial distribution and male mating success of Anopheles gambiaeswarms

  Peak swarm size Total couples/swarm
Variable F/Za P F/Z P
Marker Type 0.40 0.75 0.26 0.85
Site 2.70 0.003 2.35 0.009
Date 1.02 0.155 1.41 0.079
Residual 4.38 0.001 4.80 0.001
Res -2LL 963.5   573.2  
AIC 969.5   579.2  
  1. The degrees of freedom for the F-test of "Marker Type" were 3 for the numerator and 37, and 33, for the denominator of swarm size and total couples, respectively (four swarms with size estimates had no complete measurement of total couples).
  2. aF denotes that the standard F-test for fixed effects and Z denotes Wald-Z tests for the covariance parameter estimates