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Table 1 Specimens used in this study and accession numbers of resultant sequences

From: From Antarctica or Asia? New colonization scenario for Australian-New Guinean narrow mouth toads suggested from the findings on a mysterious genus Gastrophrynoides

Species Subfamily (Family) Voucher Accession numbers
Microhylidae    rag1 rag2 tyr bdnf cox1 cxcr4 ncx1 16S
Barygenys flavigularis Asterophryinae IABHU 6597 AB611856 AB611857 AB611858 AB611859 AB611860 AY948800[33] AY948845[33] AY948767[33]
Calluella guttulata Microhylinae No voucher (pettrade) AB611861 AB611862 AB611863 AB611864 EF396041[3] EF017975[2] EF018031[2] DQ283144[1]
Chaperina fusca Microhylinae BORN 8478 AB611865 AB611866 AB611867 AB611868 AB611869 AB611870 AB611871 AB611872
Cophixalus cryptotympanum Asterophryinae IABHU 6602 AB611873 AB611874 AB611875 AB611876 AB611877 AB611878 AB611879 AB611880
Ctenophryne geayi Gastrophryninae No voucher (pettrade) AB611881 AB611882 AB611883 AB611884 AB611885 AB611886 AB611887 AB611888
Dyscophus guineti Dyscophinae No voucher (pettrade) AB611889 AB611890 AB611891 AB611892 AB611893 AB611894 AB611895 DQ283434[1]
Gastrophryne olivacea Gastrophryninae KUHE 33224 AB611896 AB611897 AB611898 AB611899 AB611900 EF017968[2] EF018005[2] DQ347338[34]
Gastrophrynoides immaculatus Unknown UKM HC 279 AB611901 AB611902 AB611903 AB611904 AB611905 AB611906 AB611907 AB611908
Kalophrynus interlineatus Kalophryninae No voucher (pettrade) AB611909 AB611910 AB611911 AB611912 AB611913 AB611914 AB611915 AB611916
Kalophrynus pleurostigma Kalophryninae No voucher (pettrade) AB611917 AB611918 AB611919 AB611920 AB611921 AY948776[33] AY948811[33] DQ283146[1]
Kaloula taprobanica Microhylinae KUHE 37252 AB611922 AB611923 AB611924 AB611925 AB611926 AY948772[33] AY948807[33] AF249057[35]
Metaphrynella pollicaris Microhylinae KUZ 21655 AB611927 AB611928 AB611929 AB611930 AB611931 AB611932 AB611933 AB611934
Metaphrynella sundana Microhylinae BORN 8191 AB611935 AB611936 AB611937 AB611938 AB611939 EF017973[2] EF018029[2] EF017954[2]
Microhyla annectens Microhylinae KUHE 52438 AB611940 AB611941 AB611942 AB611943 AB611944 AB611945 AB611946 AB611947
Microhyla marmorata Microhylinae KUHE 32455 AB611948 AB611949 AB611950 AB611951 AB611952 AB611953 AB611954 AB611955
Microhyla okinavensis Microhylinae IABHU living individual AB611956 AB611957 AB611958 AB611959 AB303950[36] AB611960 AB611961 AB303950[36]
Micryletta inornata Microhylinae KUHE 35133 AB611962 AB611963 AB611964 EF396022[3] AB611965 AB611966 AB611967 AB611968
Phrynella pulchra Unknown UKM HC 820 AB611969 AB611970 AB611971 AB611972 AB611973 AB611974 AB611975 AB611976
Phrynomantis microps Phrynomerinae No voucher (pettrade) AB611977 AB611978 AB611979 AB611980 AB611981 AB611982 AB611983 AB611984
Plethodontohyla inguinalis Cophylinae UADBA AK041208-001 AB611985 AB611986 AB611987 AB611988 AB611989 AB611990 AB611991 AB611992
Ramanella montana Microhylinae Not preserved AB611993 AB611994 AB611995 AB611996 AB611997 AB611998 AB611999 AB612000
Scaphiophryne madagascariensis Scaphiophryninae No voucher (pettrade) AB612001 AB612002 AB612003 AB612004 AB612005 AB612006 AB612007 AB612008
Arthroleptis variabilis (Arthroleptidae) ZFMK 68794 EF396073[3] EF396112[3] AY341756[37] AB612009 AB612010 AY364180[38] AB612011 AB612012
Hemisus marmoratus (Hemisotidae) No voucher (pettrade) AB612013 EF396127[3] EF395975[3] AB612014 AB612015 AY364186[38] AY948827[33] AB612016
Hyperolius viridiflavus (Hyperoliidae) No voucher (pettrade) AY323769[39] AY323789[39] AB612017 EF396013[3] AB612018 AB612019 AB612020 AB612021
Trichobatrachus robustus (Arthroleptidae) No voucher (pettrade) EF396109[3] AB612022 AY844192[40] EF396035[3] AB612023 AB612024 AB612025 AB612026
Blommersia wittei (Mantellidae) ZSM (D48/2000) AY323774[39] AY323795[39] AY341751[37] AY323774[39] AB612027 AB612028 AB612029 AB612030
Buergeria buergeri (Rhacophoridae) IABHU living individual AB612031 AB612032 AB612033 AB612034 AB127977[41] AB612035 AB612036 AB127977[41]
Lithobates catesbeianus (Ranidae) IABHU living individual AB612037 AB612038 AB612039 AB612040 AB511303[42] AB612041 AB612042 X12841[43]
Mantella madagascariensis (Mantellidae) IABHU 6933 AB612043 AB612044 AB612045 AB612046 AB212225[44] AB612047 AB612048 AB212225[44]
Staurois latopalmatus (Ranidae) BORN 8098 AB612049 AB612050 AB612051 AB612052 AB511311[42] EF017987[2] EF018011[2] AB511310[42]
Agalychnis callidryas (Hylidae) No voucher (pettrade) AY323765[39] AY323780[39] DQ283018[1] AY323765[39] AB612053 AB612054 AB612055 AB612056
Bufo japonicus (Bufonidae) IABHU 4001 AB612057 AB612058 AB612059 AB612060 AB303363[36] AB612061 AB612062 AB303363[36]
Megophrys nasuta (Megophryidae) No voucher (pettrade) AB612063 AB612064 AB612065 AB612066 AB612067 AB612068 AB612069 AB612070
Scaphiopus holbrookii (Scaphiopodidae) No voucher (pettrade) AB612071 AB612072 AB612073 AB612074 AB612075 AB612076 AB612077 AB612078
  1. Numbers in braces indicate the data from previous studies listed in References. BORN: BORNEENSIS Collection, Universiti Malaysia Sabah; IABHU: Institute for Amphibian Biology, Hiroshima University; KUHE: Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University; KUZ: Department of Zoology, Kyoto University; UADBA: Université d'Antananarivo, Département de Biologie Animale; UKM HC: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Herpetological Collection; ZFMK: Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig; ZSM: Zoologische Staatssammlung München.