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Table 5 Comparison of arms vs core SNP rates in CB4856 and CB4858*

From: Shifting patterns of natural variation in the nuclear genome of caenorhabditis elegans

SNP rate comparison CB4856
overall arms vs core across chromosomes <2.2e-16 <2.2e-16
arms across chromosomes <2.2e-16 <2.2e-16
core across chromosomes <2.2e-16 <2.2e-16
arms vs core in each chromosome   
   I <2.2e-16 <2.2e-16
   II <2.2e-16 <2.2e-16
   III <8.918e-06 <2.2e-16
   IV <2.2e-16 0.5464
   V 1.778e-14 2.2e-16
  1. *Based on chi-squared tests