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Table 2 Transitions between life habit states determined from ancestral state reconstruction on the Bayesian topology

From: Convergent and parallel evolution in life habit of the scallops (Bivalvia: Pectinidae)

Behavioral transition Number of observed
Recessing to permanent attachment 0
Recessing to byssal attachment 0
Recessing to free-living 0
Recessing to gliding 2
Permanent attachment* to byssal attachment 0
Permanent attachment to free-living 0
Permanent attachment to recessing 0
Permanent attachment to gliding 0
Byssal attachment to permanent attachment 3 (2 cementing; 1 nestling)
Byssal attachment to free-living 6
Byssal attachment to recessing 1
Byssal attachment to gliding 2
Free-living to permanent attachment 0
Free-living to byssal attachment 1
Free-living to recessing 1
Free-living to gliding 0
Gliding to permanent attachment 0
Gliding to byssal attachment 0
Gliding to recessing 0
Gliding to free-living 1
Total number of transitions 17
  1. *Cementing and nestling are grouped together under permanent attachment.