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Table 1 Information about the target genes and the TFBSs studied

From: Evidence of association between Nucleosome Occupancy and the Evolution of Transcription Factor Binding Sites in Yeast

  S. cerevisiae a Sensu strictospeciesb Orthologous genesc Saccharomyces specific genesd
# of target genes 2522 1134 2152 75
# of TFBSs 29193 22447 23605 1144
  1. a Number of target genes and TFBSs of S. cerevisiae from our data set
  2. b Number of target genes and TFBSs that are present in promoters of all five Sensu stricto yeasts
  3. c Number of TFBSs in genes conserved in Saccharomycetaceae species (S. cerevisiae, C. glabrata, and K. lactis)
  4. d Number of TFBSs genes only present in S. cerevisiae