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Table 3 Mitochondrial Genetic Code of Deuterostomia and selected Protostomia.

From: The enigmatic mitochondrial genome of Rhabdopleura compacta(Pterobranchia) reveals insights into selection of an efficient tRNA system and supports monophyly of Ambulacraria

Anticodon loop of tRNAAsn Anticodon loop of tRNALys Source/CodTab
Rhabdopleura compacta Ile Lys Lys Ser UU GUU AC CU C UU AA this study, table 1
Balanoglossus spp. Ile - - Ser CU GUU AA CU C UU AA [30, 31]
Saccoglossus kowalevskii Ile Lys - Ser CU GUU AA CU UUU AA NC_007438
Echinodermata Ile Asn Ser Ser CC GUU AA CU C UU AA CodTab 9
Tunicata Met Lys Gly Gly CU GUU AA CU UUU AA CodTab13
Vertebrata Met Lys term term CU GUU AA CU UUU AA CodTab 2
Cephalochordata Met Lys - Ser CU GUU AA CU UUU AA CodTab 5
invertebrates Met Lys Ser Ser   CU UUU AA CodTab 5
hypothetical ancestral state in Arthropoda Met Lys Lys/Ser Ser   CU C UU AA [47]
  1. The variable codon assignments within mtDNA of Deuterostomia and selected anticodon loop sequences (the anticodon sequences are underlined) are shown. The entire genetic codes available at the web site are given by the codon table number (CodTab). Amino acids are shown in the 3-letters-abbreviations. Low frequent codons are given by cursive amino acid abbreviations while unpredictable or completely missing codons are shown by dash.