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Table 2 Clones representing different GBSSI variants as inferred from phylogenetic analyses

From: On the genome constitution and evolution of intermediate wheatgrass (Thinopyrum intermedium: Poaceae, Triticeae)

Sequence GenBank Inferred origin
Plant 1
Th. intermedium-1a* GU292399 Taeniatherum
F/K clones (40/8)
Th. intermedium-1b (10) GU292400 Dasypyrum
Th. intermedium-1c (19) GU292401 Thinopyrum
Th. intermedium-1d (3) GU292402 Pseudoroegneria
Plant 2
Th. intermedium-2a* GU292403 Taeniatherum
F/K clones (26/3)
Th. intermedium-2b (17) GU292404 Dasypyrum
Th. intermedium-2c (5) GU292405 Dasypyrum
Th. intermedium-2d (1) GU292406 Dasypyrum
Plant 3
Th. intermedium-3a* GU292407 Taeniatherum
F/K clones (34/10)
Th. intermedium-3b (9) GU292408 Dasypyrum
Th. intermedium-3c (1) GU292409 Dasypyrum
Th. intermedium-3d (2) GU292410 Aegilops
Th. intermedium-3e (11) GU292411 Thinopyrum
Th. intermedium-3f (1) GU292412 Pseudoroegneria
Plant 4
Th. intermedium-4a* GU292413 Taeniatherum
F/K clones (32/4)
Th. intermedium-4b (20) GU292414 Dasypyrum
Th. intermedium-4c (2) GU292415 Pseudoroegneria
Th. intermedium-4d (6) GU292416 Aegilops
  1. Sequences representing different GBSSI variants amplified in four Thinopyrum intermedium accessions using the F/M and F/K primers. Sequences marked with an asterisk were amplified with F/M primers and directly sequenced. The numbers of sequenced F/K clones and putative recombinants are provided for each accession. Sequence identifier, GenBank accession number and inferred sequence origin are given. After each sequence identifier, the number of identical clones amplified in each accession is given in parentheses.