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Table 3 Calibration points for molecular clock analyses.

From: A supermatrix analysis of genomic, morphological, and paleontological data from crown Cetacea

Preferred Calibration Points
Node Taxon Age Range of FAD
Plicogulae "Megaptera" miocaena 7.2-11.6 Ma
Delphinida Kentriodon pernix 18.5-19.5 Ma
Neoceti Simocetus rayi 30.5-32.3 Ma
Cetancodonta Pakicetidae 47-52 Ma
Other Suggested Calibration Points
Monodontoidae Salumiphocaena stocktoni 7.5-9.5 Ma
Crown Ziphiidae Archaeoziphius microglenoideus 13.2-15 Ma
Synrhina Notocetus vanbenedeni 20-23 Ma
Crown Mysticeti Morenocetus parvus 20-23 Ma
Neoceti Llanocetus denticrenatus 34-35 Ma
  1. Relationships of taxa in the "preferred calibration points" are based on phylogenetic analyses that combine molecular and morphological data. Taxa in "other suggested calibration points" either vary in their position among combined analyses of molecules and morphology or have been placed based on phylogenetic analysis of morphological data only. Nodes refer to node-based definitions of these taxa. FAD: first appearance datum. See text for supporting references.