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Table 2 Conventional nomenclature derived from phylogenetic analyses

From: The Trichoderma harzianum demon: complex speciation history resulting in coexistence of hypothetical biological species, recent agamospecies and numerous relict lineages

Phylogenetic species: Taxonomic value
T. harzianum yes
T. sp. 'afroharzianum nom. prov.' yes, awaiting description
Hypothetical phylogenetic species:  
H. sp. 'paralixii nom. prov.' no, awaiting verification
H. sp. 'cameroonense nom. prov.' no, awaiting verification
Lone lineages with unresolved phylogenetic position but belonging to established taxonomic species:  
H. lixii yes
T. inhamatum yes
Above species taxonomic units:  
Harzianum - Catoptron Clade yes
H. lixii - T. harzianum species complex or aggregate = H. lixii/T. harzianum sensu Chaveri et al., [16] no
Conventional terms for groups of strains with unresolved relations:  
'pseudoharzianum matrix' = H. sp. 'pseudoharzianum nom. prov. dub.' no
Lixii Subclade no
Subclades IIa, III, IV, V and X no