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Table 1 Strains of H. lixii/T. harzianum species complex used in this study.

From: The Trichoderma harzianum demon: complex speciation history resulting in coexistence of hypothetical biological species, recent agamospecies and numerous relict lineages

      NCBI GenBank Assession No.
  Strain no. Other collections Origin Habitat tef1 cal1 chi18-5
  T. harzianum*       
hz.01** C.P.K. 1052 DAOM231646 Kirstenbosch, South Africa soil AY605766 FJ577720 EF191257
hz.02 C.P.K. 1070 DAOM 222343 Ireland commercial mushroom bed AY605778 FJ577729 EF191265
hz.03 C.P.K. 1087 J.B.T 1244 Almonte, ON, Canada Salix sp. wood AY605784 FJ577733 EF191269
hz.04 C.P.K. 1093 J.B.T 2181 Labelle, PQ, Canada dead wood AY605787 FJ577734 EF191271
hz.05 C.P.K. 1099 DAOM 222183 Leamington, ON, Canada wood floor of mushroom farm AY605790 FJ577736 EF191272
hz.06 C.P.K. 1104 DAOM 176235B Vancouver Island, Canada on jelly fungus AY605793 FJ577738 EF191275
hz.07 C.P.K. 204 ex-type CBS 226.95 Sheffield, UK garden soil AY605833 FJ577684 AF276646
hz.08 C.P.K. 206 TUB F-477 Ural, Russia park soil AY605830 FJ577685 AF399269
hz.09 C.P.K. 2111 SzMC 3203 Hungary mushroom farm EF116562 FJ577754 EF191248
hz.10 C.P.K. 217 TUB F-690 Moscow, Russia park soil AY605829 FJ577686 AY605873
hz.11 C.P.K. 261 TUB F-743 Krasnoyarsk, Siberia cultivated soil AY605827 FJ577691 AF399270
hz.12 C.P.K. 265 TUB F-750 Vladimir, Russia garden soil EF113554 FJ577692 FJ623079
hz.13 C.P.K. 1116 DAOM 167088 Kananaskis, AB, Canada alpine eutric brunisol EF191324 FJ577742 EF191280
hz.14 C.P.K. 360 IMI 359823 North Ireland, UK Agaricus cultivation AY605832 FJ577701 AY605883
hz.15 J.B. RO11-1 C.P.K. 2654 Brasov, Romania dried river bed EF191337 FJ577767 EF191293
hz.16 C.P.K. 1818 PPRC J12 Jimma, Ethiopia red soil EF116558 FJ577750 FJ623101
  Lixii subclade       
li.01 C.P.K. 1068 DAOM 229959 Wisconsin, USA A1 horizon, prairie soil AY605776 FJ577727 EF191263
li.02 C.P.K. 1081 DAOM 229903 Wisconsin, USA A1 horizon, maple forest soil AY605782 FJ577731 EF191267
li.03 C.P.K. 1102 DAOM 222136 Campbellville, ON, Canada commercial mushroom bed AY605792 FJ577737 EF191274
li.04 C.P.K. 1107 DAOM 222137 Leamington, ON, Canada commercial mushroom bed AY605796 FJ577739 EF191276
li.05 C.P.K. 1108 DAOM 222151 Temple, PA, USA commercial mushroom bed AY605797 FJ577740 EF191277
li.06 C.P.K. 1110 DAOM 190830 Kingston, ON, Canada foam insulation EF191323 FJ577741 EF191278
li.07 C.P.K. 1720 G.J.S. 05-82 Cameroon unknown EF191326 FJ577747 EF191282
li.08 C.P.K. 1722 G.J.S. 05-22 Cameroon unknown EF191327 FJ577748 EF191283
li.09 C.P.K. 1724 G.J.S. 05-32 Cameroon unknown EF191328 FJ577749 EF191284
li.10 C.P.K. 588   Nam Lenk river, Laos river bank soil FJ577778 FJ577703 FJ623084
li.11 C.P.K. 838 CBS 115334 El-Fayum, Egypt wheat field AY605837 FJ577715 FJ623092
li.12 C.P.K. 1069 DAOM 229907 Konza Prairie, KS, USA A1 horizon, tallgrass soil AY605777 FJ577728 EF191264
li.13 C.P.K. 2784 ex -type G.J.S. 97-96 Saraburi Prov., Thailand from decayed Ganoderma sp. FJ716622 FJ577772 FJ623107
li.14 C.P.K. 1596 W.M.J. 2317 Styria, Austria unknown FJ577785 FJ577744 FJ623099
li.15 C.P.K. 334 G.J.S. 98-65 Unknown unknown FJ577776 FJ577699 FJ623081
li.16 C.P.K. 335 G.J.S. 98-64 Unknown unknown FJ577777 FJ577700 FJ623082
  Subclade II T . sp. 'afroharzianum'       
II.01 C.P.K. 238   Costa Rica maize field AY605841 FJ577687 EF191250
II.02 C.P.K. 807 NR5555 Japan unknown AY605842 FJ577711 AF399263
II.03 C.P.K. 808 NR6839 Japan unknown AY605843 FJ577712 AF399264
II.04 C.P.K. 246 CBS 115344 Phillipines maize field EF191319 FJ577690 EF191253
II.05 C.P.K. 845   Banha, Egypt wheat field AY605844 FJ577716 FJ623093
II.06 C.P.K. 2618 PPRC RW14 Holleta, Ethiopia coffe rhizosphere FJ577788 FJ577758 FJ623103
II.07 C.P.K. 51 PPRI 3772 South Africa unknown AY605845 FJ577681 AY605868
II.08 C.P.K. 1061 DAOM 231421 Kigali, Rwanda clay soil AY605770 FJ577723 FJ623096
II.09 C.P.K. 2624 PPRC RW20 Harerge, Ethiopia coffee rhizosphere FJ716621 FJ577759 FJ623104
  Subclade II a       
IIa.01 J.B. SERB24-1 DAOM 233401 Bežanijska Kosa, Serbia chernozem soil, corn field EF191339 FJ577769 EF191295
IIa.02 C.P.K. 1095 DAOM 230766 Bali, Indonesia park soil AY605788 FJ577735 FJ623097
IIa.03 C.P.K. 274 TUB F-771 Ghaze, Nepal forest soil AY605834 FJ577695 AY605880
IIa.04 C.P.K. 245 CBS 115343 Costa Rica maize field EF191318 FJ577689 EF191252
IIa.05 C.P.K. 2710 PPRC S23 Dilla, Ethiopia soil FJ577790 FJ577771 FJ623106
  Subclade III       
III.01 C.P.K. 1075 DAOM 229908 Wisconsin, USA A1 horizon, forest soil EF191322 FJ577730 EF191266
III.02 C.P.K. 276 TUB F-773 Nepal bark AY605850 FJ577696 AY605881
III.03 C.P.K. 272 TUB F-769 Nepal bark AY605849 FJ577694 AY605879
III.04 C.P.K. 2301 UNISS 13b-11 Cuglieri, Sardinia forest land EF488114 FJ577755 EF392736
III.05 C.P.K. 2646 J.B. GA3804 Georgia, USA unknown EF191329 FJ577760 EF191285
III.06 J.B. RSA122 DAOM 231651 Kirstenbosch, South Africa soil under Erica EF191338 FJ577768 EF191294
III.07 C.P.K. 271 TUB F-768 Geirigan, Nepal on Quercus AY605847 FJ577693 AF399267
III.08 C.P.K. 291 TUB F-776 Ghaze, Nepal bark of nut tree AY605848 FJ577697 AF399265
III.09 C.P.K. 1084 DAOM 229978 Western Australia on Eucalyptus FJ716620 FJ577732 EF191268
III.10 J.B.PER62 DAOM 234005 Cusco, Peru soil under Eucalyptus EF191336 FJ577766 EF191292
III.11 C.P.K. 2673 PPRC R12 Woreda Gera, Ethiopia coffee plantation FJ577789 FJ577770 FJ623105
III.12 C.P.K. 2313 UNISS 13b-13 Cuglieri, Sardinia forest area EF488113 FJ577756 EF392737
III.13 C.P.K. 939 W.M.J. 2274 Bavaria, Germany soil FJ577783 FJ577718 FJ623095
III.14 C.P.K. 1935 W.M.J. 2585 Bavaria, Germany on Fagus sylvatica EF392741 FJ577752 EF392744
III.15 C.P.K. 1599 W.M.J. 2322 Styria, Austria unknown FJ577786 FJ577745 FJ623100
III.16 C.P.K. 1941 W.M.J. 2786 Lower Austria, Austria on Sambucus nigra EF392742 FJ577753 EF392745
III.17 C.P.K. 1934 W.M.J. 2545 Lower Austria, Austria on Fagus sylvatica EF392740 FJ577751 EF392743
  Subclade IV       
IV.01 C.P.K. 590   Atherton, Australia rhizosphere EF191320 FJ577704 EF191254
IV.02 C.P.K. 693 TUB F-961*** Beijing, China park soil AY857271 FJ577707 FJ623087
IV.03 J.B. NZ1-2 DAOM 233825 Urupakapaka, New Zealand soil under Leptospermum EF191330 FJ577761 EF191286
IV.04 J.B. NZ7-2 DAOM 233821 Mt. Pureora, New Zealand soil EF191332 FJ577763 EF191288
IV.05 C.P.K. 2610 PPRC RW6 Bako, Ethiopia coffee rhizosphere FJ577787 FJ577757 FJ623102
IV.06 C.P.K. 53 PPRI 3909 South Africa unknown EF113551 FJ577682 EF191249
IV.07 C.P.K. 1044 DAOM 231412 Kigali, Rwanda sandy clay cultivated soil AY605764 FJ577719 EF191255
IV.08 C.P.K. 1058 DAOM 231435 Kigali, Rwanda parkland soil EF191321 FJ577721 EF191258
  Subclade V       
V.01 C.P.K. 1065 DAOM 231405 Isla Mujeres, Q.R., Mexico sandy soil AY605774 FJ577725 EF191261
V.02 C.P.K. 646 TUB F-613*** Hookena, Hawai decaying grass FJ577780 FJ577706 FJ623086
V.03 C.P.K. 727 TUB F-1082*** Trivandrum, India plant debris FJ577781 FJ577709 FJ623088
V.04 C.P.K. 743 TUB F-1236*** Embudu, Maldives dead bark FJ577782 FJ577710 FJ623089
V.05 C.P.K. 1059 DAOM 231425 Cancun, Q.R., Mexico plant soil EF605768 FJ577722 EF191259
  Subclade X'/no clade       
X.01 C.P.K. 836   El-Fayum, Egypt cotton field AY605838 FJ577713 FJ623090
X.02 C.P.K. 837 CBS 115333 El-Fayum, Egypt maize field AY605839 FJ577714 FJ623091
X.03 C.P.K. 1505 UNISS10.5M Aoujeft, Mauritania soil FJ577784 FJ577743 FJ623098
X.04 C.P.K. 3408****   Papua New Guinea deep sea sediment FJ577791 FJ577773 FJ623108
X.05 C.P.K. 3409****   Papua New Guinea deep sea sediment FJ577792 FJ577774 FJ623109
X.06 J.B. NZ11-1 DAOM 233829, Kichappes, New Zealand soil EF191333 FJ577764 EF191289
X.07 J.B. NZ2-4 DAOM 233823 Urupakapaka, New Zealand soil under tree fern EF191331 FJ577762 EF191287
X.08 C.P.K. 596   Victoria, Brazil soil FJ577779 FJ577705 FJ623085
X.09 C.P.K. 709 TUB F-1035 Iguazo Falls, Brazil tropical rain forest AY605851 FJ577708 AY605884
X.10 C.P.K. 878 Z.D. 57 Iran soil AY602977 FJ577717 FJ623094
X.11 C.P.K. 1066 DAOM 231402 Kaua village, Q.R., Mexico garden soil AY605775 FJ577726 EF191262
X.12 C.P.K. 1717 G.J.S. 05-62 Vietnam unknown EF191325 FJ577746 EF191281
X.13 C.P.K. 1064 DAOM 231408 Chichen Itza, Q.R., Mexico forest soil AY605773 FJ577724 EF191260
X.14 J.B. PER1-2 DAOM 233966 Iquitos, Peru soil EF191334 FJ577765 EF191290
X.16 C.P.K. 239 CBS 115342 Costa Rica maize field EF191317 FJ577688 EF191251
X.17 C.P.K. 333 G.J.S. 91-159 unknown unknown FJ577775 FJ577698 FJ623080
  T. inhamatum       
X.15 C.P.K. 202 ex-type CBS 273.78 Villavicenco, Colombia maize field soil AY605853 FJ577683 AF399271
  1. Strains used in this work were either obtained by one of the authors, or taken from previous published work [cf. refs. [11, 13, 1619] and citations therein]. "Other collection" names are names that have been used for these isolates in earlier papers. * corresponds to species or clades revealed in this study; ** strain code used in Figures 1 and 2; *** strains obtained in the course of a bilateral research project between TU Vienna to C.P.K. and the Technical University of Budapest (Hungary) to George Szakacs; **** only DNA material available, supplied by Katja Fisch (University of Bonn, Germany); bold font highlights strains isolated from teleomorphs;