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Table 1 Alleles at the polymorphic site -13910 in the lactase gene in 10 Middle Neolithic Scandinavian samples representing the Pitted Ware Culture (PWC).

From: High frequency of lactose intolerance in a prehistoric hunter-gatherer population in northern Europe

Grave # Site C C/T T Genotype Haplogroup [13]
Grave 4 Ajvide 5    C n.d
Grave 5 Ajvide 6    C U5a
Grave 29A Ajvide 7    C U5a
Grave 36 Ajvide 5    C U5
Grave 52A Ajvide 4    C V
Grave 70A Ajvide 5    C U4 or H1b
Grave 32 Visby 7    C n.d
Grave 15 Fridtorp 5    C U4 or H1b
Grave 3 Ire 4 2   C/T U4 or H1b
Grave 8 Ire 4    C U4 or H1b