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Table 1 Common names, IUCN classification and proposed classification of gibbons.

From: Mitochondrial evidence for multiple radiations in the evolutionary history of small apes

Common name IUCN classification [12] Proposed classification
Kloss' s gibbon Hylobates klossii Hylobates klossii
Eastern Müller's Bornean gibbon Hylobates muelleri muelleri Hylobates muelleri*
Northern Müller's Bornean gibbon Hylobates muelleri funereus Hylobates funereus*
Abbott's Müller's Bornean gibbon Hylobates muelleri abbotti Hylobates abbotti*
Agile gibbon Hylobates agilis Hylobates agilis*
Bornean white-bearded gibbon Hylobates albibarbis Hylobates albibarbis
Malayan lar gibbon Hylobates lar lar Hylobates lar lar*
Sumatran lar gibbon Hylobates lar vestitus Hylobates lar vestitus*
Mainland lar gibbon Hylobates lar entelloides Hylobates lar entelloides*
Carpenter's lar gibbon Hylobates lar carpenteri Hylobates lar carpenteri*
Yunnan lar gibbon Hylobates lar yunnanensis Hylobates lar yunnanensis*
Silvery Javan gibbon Hylobates moloch Hylobates moloch*
Pileated gibbon Hylobates pileatus Hylobates pileatus
Western hoolock gibbon Hoolock hoolock Hoolock hoolock
Eastern hoolock gibbon Hoolock leuconedys Hoolock leuconedys
Siamang Symphalangus syndactylus Symphalangus syndactylus*
Hainan gibbon Nomascus hainanus Nomascus hainanus
Cao-vit crested gibbon Nomascus nasutus Nomascus nasutus
Black crested gibbon Nomascus concolor concolor Nomascus concolor concolor*
West Yunnan black crested gibbon Nomascus concolor furvogaster Nomascus concolor concolor*
Central Yunnan black crested gibbon Nomascus concolor jingdongensis Nomascus concolor concolor*
Laotian black crested gibbon Nomascus concolor lu Nomascus concolor lu*
Northern white-cheeked gibbon Nomascus leucogenys Nomascus leucogenys*
Southern white-cheeked gibbon Nomascus siki Nomascus siki*
Red-cheeked gibbon Nomascus gabriellae Nomascus gabriellae
  16 species, 12 subspecies 18 species, 7 subspecies
  1. *further research required