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Table 4 Estimated date of separation of the major clades of the Carassius auratus-complex.

From: Biogeography and evolution of the Carassius auratus-complex in East Asia

  Based on cyt bsequences (1141 bp) Based on NPRS tree of the concatenated sequences of all four regions (4669 bp)
Cladogenetic event Average Pdistances Branching date (Mya) estimated from the molecular clock (1.52%/My) obtained by Zardoya and Doardio [39] Branching date (Mya) estimated from the fossil record of Carassius cuvieri
Between superclades A and B 0.061 4.01 0.39
Within superclade A    
   Between clade I and clades II+III 0.029 1.91 0.20
   Between clades II and III 0.027 1.78 0.17
Within superclade B    
   Between clade VI and clades IV+V+VII 0.020 1.32 0.21
   Between clade V and clades IV+VII 0.017 1.12 0.19
   Between clade IV and VII 0.015 0.99 0.17