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Table 2 Source, origin, and accession numbers for mitochondrial DNA sequences of Carassius fishes used in the supermatrix analysis.

From: Biogeography and evolution of the Carassius auratus-complex in East Asia

Reference Scientific name used in the original paper Country Accession number (sequence region)
Gilles et al. [67] Carassius auratus France AJ388413 (CR)
Kalous et al. [49] C. carassius Czech Republic DQ399938 (cyt b)
   Germany DQ399917- 19 (cyt b)
  C. gibelio Czech Republic DQ399926- 29, 31, 33- 37, 39, 40 (cyt b)
  C. langsdorfii Czech Republic DQ399930, 32 (cyt b)
Li and Gui [28] C. auratus gibelio China EF633617-39, 41- 80 (CR)
Haynes et al. [68] C. auratus Australia EU754018- 20 (CR)
Komiyama et al. [2] C. auratus auratus Japan AB379916, 19, 23- 54 (CR)
    AB378293, 95, 96, 98, 99 (ND5)
   China AB379955- 59 (CR)
  C. gibelio China AB377293- 99, AB379922 (CR)
Sakai et al. [69] C. gibelio gibelio Kazakhstan AB274414- 16 (CR)
Tsipas et al. [70] C. gibelio Greece EU186831- 35 (CR)
    EU186830, DQ868876- 79 (cyt b)