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Table 2 List of Genbank accession numbers and source material for DNA analysis.

From: A phylogenetic estimate for golden moles (Mammalia, Afrotheria, Chrysochloridae)

clade genus species source accession
Macroscelididae Elephantulus rufescens Malia et al. 2002 AF392876
Hyracoidea Procavia capensis Malia et al. 2002 AF392896
Tenrecidae Echinops telfairi Malia et al. 2002 AF392889
  Geogale aurita Asher & Hofreiter 2006 DQ202287
  Hemicentetes semispinosus Asher & Hofreiter 2006 DQ202288
  Microgale talazaci Malia et al. 2002 AF392885
  Microgale ("Limnogale") mergulus Asher & Hofreiter 2006 DQ202289
  Micropotamogale lamottei Asher & Hofreiter 2006 DQ202290
  Oryzorictes talpoides Malia et al. 2002 AF392886
  Potamogale velox Asher & Hofreiter 2006 DQ202291
  Setifer setosus Asher & Hofreiter 2006 DQ202292
  Tenrec ecaudatus Malia et al. 2002 AF392890
Chrysochloridae Amblysomus corriae TM 39451 tissue GU904406
  Amblysomus hottentotus ZMB 3919 skull GU904407
  Amblysomus marleyi tissue GU904408
  Amblysomus robustus TM 41661 issue GU904409
  Amblysomus septentrionalis TM 42135 tissue GU904410
  Huetia ("Calcochloris") leucorhinus tissue GU904412
  Calcochloris obtusirostris ZMB 12945 skull (syntype) GU904411
  Carpitalpa arendsi tissue GU904413
  Chlorotalpa duthieae TM 39456 tissue GU904414
  Chlorotalpa sclateri TM 39439 tissue GU904415
  Chrysochloris asiatica TM 41985 tissue GU904416
  Chrysochloris stuhlmanni ZMB 29456 skull (syntype) GU904417
  Chrysospalax trevelyani Malia et al. 2002 AF392877
  Chrysospalax villosus DM 7474 tissue GU904418
  Cryptochloris wintoni TM 8235 skull GU904419
  Eremitalpa granti granti TM 8248 skull GU904420
  Neamblysomus gunningi TM 40766 tissue GU904421
  Neamblysomus julianae TM 40126 tissue GU904422
  1. Accession numbers refer to Genbank codes. DM, TM, and ZMB refer to the collections of the Durban Natural Science Museum, Transvaal Museum Pretoria, and the Zoologisches Museum Berlin (= Museum für Naturkunde), respectively. Novel GHR sequences are identified in bold.