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Table 7 Oilseed rape and Brassica rapa commercial varieties widely grown in Austria from 1990 to 1999.

From: Molecular differentiation of commercial varieties and feral populations of oilseed rape (Brassica napusL.)

Name of
Commercial Variety
Pollination System Breeders and Seed
Trading Companies
Date of Approval
Brassica napus    
'Artus' rHy RWA 05.08.1997
'Cannon' VA 75 hybrid, cHy SL 04.08.1995
'Columbus' o. p. SL 05.08.1997
'Express' o. p. RWA 16.12.1993
'Falcon' o. p. PS 18.12.1990
'Fornax' o. p. PS 06.08.1996
'Gazelle' o. p. SL pollen donor
'Honk' o. p. SL 17.12.1992
'Idol' o. p. RWA 17.12.1991
'Impala' o. p. SL pollen donor
'Karola' o. p. RWA 19.12.1995
'Lady' o. p. SL 17.12.1992
'Lirajet' o. p. RWA 17.12.1991
'Mohican' o. p. SL 06.08.1996
'Panther' rHy NPZ 1996
'Phantom' o. p. NPZ -
'Pronto' rHy PS 05.08.1997
'Synergy' cHy RWA 19.12.1996
'Zeus' o. p. RWA 1992
Brassica rapa    
'Buko' o. p. PS 17.12.1981
'Perko PVH' o. p. ÖRWZ 15.12.1967
'Herbstrübe' o. p. undefined variety undefined variety
  1. (source: Österreichische Sortenliste 1998)
  2. rHy: restored hybrid, cHy: composite hybrid, o. p.: open pollinated;
  3. RWA: Raiffeisen Ware Austria, SL: Saatbau Linz, PS: Probstdorfer Saatzucht, NPZ: Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht, ÖRWZ: Österreichische Raiffeisen Warenzentrale.