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Table 2 Amino acid sequences used for phylogenetic inference.

From: Molecular evolution of the crustacean hyperglycemic hormone family in ecdysozoans

Species Peptide Accession number
   Dermacentor variabilis ITP ACC99599
   Ixodes scapularis ITP (1)
   Folsomia candida ITP ACF15252
  ITP-L ACJ01668
   Aedes aegypti ITP AAY29661
  ITP-L AAY29663
   Anopheles gambiae ITP (1)
  ITP-L XP_313928
   Apis mellifera ITP XP_001120062
  ITP-L (1)
   Bombyx mori ITP AAY29659
  ITP-L AAY29660
   Culex pipiens ITP (1)
  ITP-L XP_001845654
   Drosophila melanogaster ITP ABZ88142
  ITP-L 2 ABZ88141
   Locusta migratoria ITP AAD20820
  ITP-L AAD20821
   Manduca sexta ITP AAY29657
  ITP-L AAY29658
   Nasonia vitripennis ITP (1)
  ITP-L XP_001604056
   Pediculus humanus ITP (1)
  ITP-L EEB14555
   Schistocerca gregaria ITP AAB16822
  ITP-L AAB16823
   Tribolium castaneum ITP ABN79658
  ITP-L ABN79657
   Daphnia magna ITP ABO43963
  ITP-L ABO43964
   Daphnia pulex ITP (1)
  ITP-L (1)
   Armadillidium vulgare CHH P30814
  VIH P83627
   Astacus leptodactylus CHH AAX09331
   Bythograea thermydron CHH AAK28329
   Callinectes sapidus CHH AAS45136
  CHH-L ABC61678
   Cancer pagurus CHH P81032
  MIH CAC05346
  MOIH 1 CAB61424
   Carcinus maenas CHH 1 AAG29429
  CHH-L 1 AAG29432
  MIH Q27225
   Charybdis feriatus MIH O96605
   Cherax destructor CHH 1 P83485
   Galathea strigosa CHH ABS01332
   Gecarcinus lateralis CHH 1 ABF48652
  CHH-L ABF58091
  MIH ABF06632
   Homarus americanus CHH 1 P19806
  VIH P55320
   Jasus lalandii CHH 1 P56687
  MIH P83220
   Litopenaeus schmitti CHH P59685
   Litopenaeus vannamei CHH 1 Q26181
  CHH 2 [56]
  MIH 1 ABD73291
   Macrobrachium rosenbergii CHH AAL40915
  CHH-L AAL40916
  MIH 1 AAL37948
   Marsupenaeus japonicus CHH 5 O15981
  CHH 8 (1)
  MIH2 BAD36757
   Metapenaeus ensis CHH 1 AAD11813
  MIH 1 O76534
   Nephrops norvegicus CHH AAQ22391
  VIH AAK58133
   Orconectes limosus CHH Q25589
  MIH P83636
   Pachygrapsus marmoratus CHH AAO27804
  CHH-L AAO27806
   Pagurus bernhardus CHH ABE02191
   Penaeus monodon CHH 4 O97386
  MIH 2 AAR89517
   Potamon ibericum CHH ABA70560
  CHH-L ABA70561
   Procambarus bouvieri CHH 2 Q10987
   Procambarus clarkii CHH 1 BAA89003
  CHH-L 1 AAL79193
  MIH P55848
   Scylla olivacea CHH AAQ75760
  CHH-L ABP88270
  1. (1)Sequences deduced from genomic sequences or from the alternatively spliced product