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Table 1 Shared single copy nuclear genes are present throughout plant lineages

From: Identification of shared single copy nuclear genes in Arabidopsis, Populus, Vitis and Oryzaand their phylogenetic utility across various taxonomic levels

Taxonomic Group Number of single copy APVO PlantTribes present
Eurosids 913
Asterids 519
Core Eudicots 76
Basal Eudicots 189
Monocots 948
Basal Angiosperms 48
Gymnosperms 502
Vascular Plants 438
Green Algae 190
  1. Summary of additional file 4 with total number of shared single copy nuclear genes present and distribution of count numbers for various taxonomic groups. The eurosids include members from both Rosids I and II; core eudicots are comprised of families considered basal to either the Eurosids or the Asterids such as the Caryophyllales and the Vitales; basal eudicots are represented by the ranunculids Eschscholzia californica and Papaver somniferum; Monocots include both members of the Poaceae and non-grass monocots; basal angiosperms include members of the magnoliids as well as Amborella trichopoda and Nuphar advena; gymnosperms includes conifers, cycads, Ginkgo and Gnetales; Vascular plants include representatives from ferns, mosses and hornwort; and green algae include members of both chlorophyte and charophyte green algal lineages.