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Table 4 Summary of lineage-specific positive selection detected.

From: Positive selection neighboring functionally essential sites and disease-implicated regions of mammalian reproductive proteins

Species tested as Foreground Significant LRT Parameter estimates
   P Fwd ω Bck ω
Macaque ModelA v M1 9.57% 1.71 0.10/1
Catsper1 Mammals     
Ferungulata ModelA v M1 4.46% 998.99 0.09/1
Rodents ModelA v M1 5.45% 999.00 0.084/1
  ModelB v m3Discrtk2 4.47% 999.00 0.12/1.38
Rodents ModelA v M1 2.17% 72.73 0.013/1
  ModelB v m3Discrtk2 1.93% 72.77 0.02/1.35
Guinea Pig ModelA v M1 6.3% 11.48 0.13/1
  ModelB v m3Discrtk2 6.14% 12.57 0.14/1.10
Macaque ModelA v M1 2.37% 999.00 0.04/1
  ModelB v m3Discrtk2 2.53 999.00 0.04/1.22
Human ModelB v m3Discrtk2 100% 62.40015 0.02/0.55
Glires ModelB v m3Discrtk2 2.56% 1.03 0.02/0.55
  1. Summary table of significant results for lineages specific analyses following LRT analyses. Lineages tested as foreground (Fwd) are shown in the first column. Only those lineages with significant LRT values for Model B or Model A and ω >1 are shown here. Parameter estimates are given for the LRT values highlighted in bold. P is the proportion of sites under selection the corresponding selective pressure as measured by ω. Fwd ω and Bck ω scores for the foreground species and background species respectively are given in the final column.