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Table 2 Additional sequences for the three genomic regions.

From: Evolutionary relationships and divergence times among the native rats of Australia

    GenBank Accession
Species Origin Specimen Accession COI Cyt b D-loop
R. lutreolus Myall Lakes, New South Wales ABTC 51720 GU570676 GU570671 GU570666
R. lutreolus Jervois, South Australia ABTC 27458 GU570677 GU570672 GU570667
R. villosissimus Purni Bore, South Australia ABTC 00548 GU570678 GU570673 GU570668
R. villosissimus Palparara, south west Queensland ABTC 23632 GU570679 GU570674 GU570669
R. villosissimus Sir Edward Pellew Is., Northern Territory ABTC 41137 GU570680 GU570675 GU570670
  1. All specimens were collected in Australia. Tissue samples were provided from specimens by the South Australia Museum.