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Table 1 Whole genomes used in this study.

From: Evolutionary relationships and divergence times among the native rats of Australia

Species Origin Source Specimen Accession GenBank Accession
Microtus kikuchii (vole) Taiwan GenBank   AF348082
Mus musculus domesticus (mouse) western Europe GenBank   NC_006914
R. exulans New Zealand EM RNZAwa01 EU273711
R. exulans Thailand SAM ABTC 8480 EU273710
R. exulans Papua New Guinea SAM ABTC 43078 EU273709
R. fuscipes* Western Australia, Australia SAM ABTC 8615 GU570664
R. leucopus* Central Highland, Papua New Guinea SAM ABTC 42808 GU570660
R. leucopus* Queensland, Australia SAM ABTC 51766 GU570659
R. lutreolus* Tasmania, Australia SAM ABTC 51762 GU570661
R. norvegicus Denmark GenBank   AJ428514
R. norvegicus USA GenBank   DQ673916
R. norvegicus Japan GenBank   DQ673917
R. praetor Papua New Guinea SAM ABTC 44065 EU273708
R. rattus New Zealand EM RNZTitRr01 EU273707
R. sordidus* Northern Territory, Australia SAM ABTC 41164 GU570665
R. tanezumi Japan SAM ABTC 8514 EU273712
R. tunneyi* Northern Territory, Australia SAM ABTC 29636 GU570662
R. villosissimus* South Australia, Australia SAM ABTC 00549 GU570663
  1. An * indicates the genomes sequenced as part of this study. EM = Lisa Matisoo-Smith, SAM = South Australia Museum